Tim Philips

What a pleasure to meet one of the persons behind the famous bar Bulletin Place —
the bar is located in Sydney and is ranked to be one of the worlds 50 best bars.

We met Tim at the relaxed bodega Tjoget in Stockholm to hang out and talk about time.

How do you spend your time?

My three biggest passions are cooking, running and alcohol. I would say it makes for a pretty balanced lifestyle.

In an ideal world I’d be traveling three months of the year with my wife, whilst still being a passionate contributor to my bars and the global bar industry.

Where do the passion take place?

Its outdoors and its eating with close friends. I keep my friendship circle pretty tight knit and prefer to invest time in a few, rather than a little time with a lot of people.

Which is your favorite TID combination?

Without doubt the No.1 White / Black Leather Wristband.