TID for celebration — Five years of iconic style

TID was born five years ago in October of 2012 when four friends embarked on an ambitious journey to explore time on a conceptual and physical level.

Over TIDs relatively short lifespan the tight and clean aesthetic has expanded to a core of three watches with a wide range of wristbands made from durable silicone, reclaimed vegetable-tanned leathers and revived textiles.

Brand Store opened in central Stockholm 2013

The Brand Store epitomises TIDs design values and brings customers and friends together through events and releases. Designed by the TID team in collaboration with Paul Vaugoyeau with a concept inspired by modernist simplicity you find features like white walls and concrete floor paired with uncompromising furniture custom made from American Douglas pine.

On one hand TID sets out to make iconic watches to wear through shifts in times and styles. On the other, TID acts as a canvas for artists, thinkers, writers and visualisers to each year conduct a creative research with one very simple brief: Explore Time.

TID’s conceptual content investigation Exploring Time has seen collaborations with Jonas Lindström, Albin & Adrian, Carlotta Manaigo and Nacho Alegre.

The TID blocks are an architectural landscape. Based on the iconic TID box the system features four geometric shapes; Cube, Prism, Triangle and Pylon. Made from pine, treated with lye and white oil and placed in formations, the blocks can be custom made from small to large scale installations.

Following the release of No.1 in new materials and sizes, our design team Form Us With Love returned to the drafting board to consolidate No.2. Staying close to the original’s foundations No.2 was given a number of subtle iterations including a domed sapphire crystal and a Swiss made movement.

Earlier this spring the annual and limited collection of TID Canvas was presented. Each year a new designer will begin a fresh reinterpretation of a TID watch, joining TID Canvas 001 by Form Us With Love and the forthcoming TID Canvas 002 by Clara von Zweibergk.

To support the ongoing product development TID recently launched a new platform: Exploring Matter. This platform will facilitate a deep investigation into processes and materials in relation to the watch industry, driven by guest collaborators and creatives. The results will manifest into short run pieces and horological objects.