Product care


The glass on our watches is easy to clean regardless the different material for the models, mineral glass or sapphire glass – we recommend to use a microfiber cloth when cleaning the glass and for best result just a little bit of cleaning spray to make it stainless.


We do have a warranty for the battery for six month – if the watch stops or falls behind during this period please contact our Customer Service or go to nearest watchmaker to have it replaced.

Dimensions: 6,8 x 2,6 mm


The crown is placed on the left side of the watch for comfort and needs to be treated gently; do not pull to hard and screw it more than necessary.

Water resistance

Our watches have a resistance of either 10ATM, 5ATM or 3ATM depends on the model (No.1, No.2 or No.3) and the mark is shown on the back of the watch.

10 ATM: Water resistant for swimming, bathing and water activities.
5 ATM: Water resistant casual swimming, showers and easier water activities.
3 ATM: Water resistant for rain and splashes.

Always be aware of the material for the wristbands can be affected. Often it is not the water or the pressure that damage the watch but dirt and chemicals.


Vegetable tanned leather is a natural material and can differ in look and color. The TID Leather Wristband will age gracefully and develop a beautiful patina with use over time.

Leather is an altering material that needs to be treated correctly to avoid to get dry, stains and such.

For the best and authentic results we recommend to ensure that the wristband does not come in contact with chemicals and liquids. This can create unwanted discoloration or damages on the leather. And just like skin the leather needs to breathe and be treated right therefore we recommend to us a natural conditioner to serve the leather.


The fabric need to be treated kindly and is not very compatible with liquids, mostly because of the leather backside. To remove any stains or dirt, use foaming furniture cleaner or stain removal spray that does not need to be combined with water.


Strong, durable, dries quickly, breathable, lightweight and water resistant. The fabric is very flexible and resilient to dirt, weather and chemicals. Clean with water and hand- or dish soap in the zink, blot excess water then air dry.


This material is very compatible with water and the easiest way to clean it is in the zink with hand or dish soap. Be careful with strong chemicals that might change the surface of the smooth finish.