PYLOT Magazine

For our second photographic interpretation we introduce PYLOT Magazine, the London based fashion and art publication founded by Max Barnett and Patricia Villirillo. Showcases emerging talents together with established names and artists in their strive to present a multi-faceted content without any beauty retouching. All analogue, provocative and exploring.

December —


‘People are often concerned with looking at others: their successes and struggles, comparing themselves to those around them. What really matters is what we do with what we have in front of us. 

Reflecting on what we have achieved allows us to consider where we can improve and, more importantly, what we have done well. It is an opportunity to be proud of our achievements and of others who we respect and admire.’

November —


'We have the opportunity to reflect on our memories, ranging from the distant to mere moments prior to where we now find ourselves. Life brings with it many surprises, and with reflection we can use the power of evaluation, to carefully consider what our experiences mean to us. This does not necessarily result in a personal call to action: it can exist purely as a moment of indulgence in our own experiences.'

October —


'There comes a time when we all need to let go, have fun, and embrace our quirks and wilder qualities. We must give ourselves to the colder days and darker nights, and enjoy the qualities that the autumn brings. When we feel this way we must not hesitate, because moments to truly unwind and be ourselves can be a fleeting. We should appreciate the break from our usual routines.'

September —


'We should be encouraged to spend more time with ourselves to collect and consider our thoughts and plan our next steps. As social creatures, loneliness is something that many tend to shy away from, but even the most socially active can find comfort in their own business. Finding satisfaction through loneliness is a marker of self-esteem and can make sure we are completely in line with our thoughts and directions.'

August —


'By accepting the path we have walked in life, and by making decisions based on our wellbeing, we can liberate our minds and bodies from the daily stresses that we place on ourselves. Let's remember that self care should not always manifest as selfishness and by considering our own needs alongside those of others we can attain unity.'

July —


'Having total trust in another person can seem impossible at times. Trust is one of the hardest things to gain, and the easiest to lose. It can take you on a journey, and if you place your trust in another, you must do so with absolute confidence. It can carry you through life's inconsistencies to create a clearer path when it feels like you cannot see the best route to take. It is easy to forget, but important to remember, that the other person is placing their trust in you too.'

June —


'Strength exists beyond physicality. We are surrounded by strong people. From them we learn how to harness our own inner strength, a quiet confidence, that aids us through each passing season. With this strength we progress confident in the knowledge that we are following the right path. If we encounter challenges, we have then strength of character that is necessary to get us back on track.'

May —


'Through the shifting of the seasons we experience the changing of light and colour, reminding us just how we are at their mercy. The brighter longer days bring with them the calm we have been in search of; a sense of tranquility as the summer months stretch out before us.'

April —


'Desire is an emotion so strong that if ignored we will feel it physically, playing the senses within us like a broken instrument. Desires can push us to the edge of all reason, they are exciting and we must act on them whilst maintaining a level of caution. Our desires can lead us down paths from which there is no return, they push us to strive for more in life and through that journey they help us find ourselves.'

March —


'Sometimes you have to see the deepest depths of your soul before you can truly move forward. Darkness doesn’t wait for nightfall to strike, so we must face it head on, in order to survive, succeed and thrive.'

February —


'Large cities can be a lonely place, travelling in a daily haze time starts to blur. A momentary glance amidst the madness can change the trajectory of our lives, love has the power to stop time all together.'

January —


'In the darker, colder months you may find yourself longing for the touch of another, or a closeness that you feel when with loved ones. Intimacy, however transient or momentary, reminds us of our ability to love.'

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