Magnus Beckman

Since we first met Magnus he has always been very passionate about the things he does - everything from the music he listens to, to his straightforward career. These days he works as a designer and creative director for the menswear brand These Glory Days.

How do you spend your time?

Music makes the time stand still and somehow gives me energy and motivation like nothing else. I can sit for hours and hours just trying to find “that” song that will open my mind and give efficiency to designing clothes, create a DJ-set or for the road trip.

Where does the passion take place?

My very best memory was after a long day in the sun, totally hydrated, drinking ice-cold bottle water and then just watching the waves, and hearing the relaxing sound of water mixing with the music. That is happiness!

Which is your favorite TID combination?

No.2 36 / Navy Leather Wristband. I love the discrete and subtle design of this watch along with the traditional leather wristband in navy — because blue is more fun than black.