Caroline C. Lundqvist

Caroline C. Lundqvist is a Stockholm based artist who dedicates her life to the art and what is truly fascinating is her affection for Oysters. She has a faithful desire to only paint the small sea creatures, one after the other, and this is something we find so heartening.

How do you spend your time?

I only paint Oysters with watercolor since eight years ago. I prefer to do it with a glass of red wine and soft Jazz in the background.

What fascinates me with Oysters is the contrast – the inside so fragile and alluring and the outside so raw and hard. In some way I think they are much like us.

Where do the passion take place?

At home on the floor right know, but I will have a studio in the future. A large room with a lot of material for both painting and sculpture. Dream!

Which is your favorite TID combination?

Lets say combinations. But the favorite is the No.1 Gold with the Mill Twain Wristband – I really like the contrasts between the cold and matte wristband along with the bright and warm watch. It reminds me of a pearl.