Canvas 002 by

Clara von Zweigbergk

Exclusive collaboration between TID Watches and renowned designer Clara von Zweigbergk. By the end of August, TID Watches is presenting an exclusive collaboration with renowned designer Clara von Zweigbergk as part of the collaborative platform TID Canvas. The collaboration is resulting in an exclusive, limited-edition watch collection using a progressive knitting technique.

Asked to create TID Canvas 002, Clara von Zweigbergk has built upon the colourful aesthetics she’s known for, resulting in a limited-edition production of 500 exclusively enumerated watches. The watches come with uniquely produced wristbands in a knitted structure in five colourways – orange, green, white, blue and yellow, all created from five different stitching techniques.

– When invited to design Canvas 002 for TID, I thought it was a great opportunity to explore possibilities of doing something in handcraft, given the limited edition. I was interested in the meeting between the minimalistic watch design and something as intricate as a crochet, says Clara von Zweigbergk.

The wristbands are produced by TextielLab in the Netherlands, known for artistic and progressive productions. The wristbands are complemented by the iconic TID No.1 watch head in an allwhite design with an orange second hands, complementing the colourful design of the wristbands.

– I experimented with weaving, braiding, crochet and knitting and researched various technical materials for it to not get too “crafty”. We decided to go with fly fishing nylon threads and 1/2 machine knitting at the TextielLab. It has been a pleasure working with TID, as well as with TextielLab and their advanced stitching techniques. In order to show much of this, we decided to go with five different patterns to represent each thread colour, Clara von Zweigbergk continues.

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