12 x 12

For the third year of our visual project Monthly Interpretations we have invited twelve creators to explore the months that pass before us. Each month a creator will present their exploration of time based on the month we’re facing. You will take part of twelve unique stories through personal expressions, places and conformations.

1. Daniel Carlsten 2. Studio Reko

February —

Studio Reko

Studio Reko is a design studio based in Stockholm. With an ever-exploring eye on everything that is ‘visual culture’ the studio creates and art directs within the fields of graphic design, video, branding and digital with a minimal yet forceful expression.

One way of looking at time as a concept, which becomes evident in a month like February, is that it consists of waiting. Written fragments of waiting led us to a series of mental images that were then transferred to film.

January —

Daniel Carlsten

Daniel Carlsten is an independent art director and designer, assigned by a diverse and international group of people and brands. With his latest delight within illustrations we find this so encouraged to present him as the first creator of the Monthly Interpretation of 2018.

January is named after Janus, the Roman god of doors, choices, beginnings and endings. Often depicted with two faces, Janus looks both towards the future and the past, simultaneously, with one face looking back at the year departed, and the other face looking forward to the year ahead. Although he is usually portrayed with two male faces, I think it is about time we make the future female.