12 x 12 — Monthly Interpretation

For the third year of our visual project Monthly Interpretations we have invited twelve creators to explore the months that pass before us. Each month a creator will present their exploration of time based on the month we’re facing. You will take part of twelve unique stories through personal expressions, places and conformations.

1. Daniel Carlsten 2. Studio Reko 3. Andreas Strömquist 4. Matilda Beckman & Simon Wallin 5. Jon Holm 6. Amina Horozić 7. Amanda Rodriguez 8. Bar Hommage 9. Jonas Lindström 10. Li Hui 11. Anna Kövecses 12. Emil Asgrimsson

December by

Emil Asgrimsson in collaboration with Z

Emil Asgrimsson is a multidisciplinary designer and artist. An alumni from Central St. Martins based in Reykjavik, Iceland. His practise is heavily influenced by heavy winds, hot earth and rocks.

The soundscape mixed with black and white forms perfectly illustrate the cold, desolate december in Iceland. A feeling of dread and hope with a hint of tropical spaces.

Sound in video plays an integral part in the director's vision. When sound is removed the piece is incomplete.

Our interpretation explores the relationship between the two by displaying simple visuals with haunting and epic sounds.

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November by

Anna Kövecses

Anna Kövecses (1988) is a Hungarian born illustrator and artist living and working in a small seaside village on the island of Cyprus. Her digital collages are characterized by simple organic shapes, bright colors and an atmosphere of simple naivety.

November, the front yard of winter.
Colors slowly fade and turn to a million shades of brown.
The contour between day and night diminishes as darkness like a greedy emperor conquers minute after minute.
Humans just like plants and animals go through a certain hibernation at this time of the year.
We turn inside to find light, we nurture it and grow it through the cold months ahead.

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October by

Li Hui

Shanghai based photographer Li Hui utilizes analog techniques to expose inner sensitivity of the subjects. Being a self-taught photographer, Li Hui’s expansive vision of photography finds beauty in everyday life and beyond formal distinctions. Her inspirations usually come from surrealism, cinema and music. Her expressive experimental artworks have been introduced on medias worldwide such as IGNANT or GUP Magazine.

The month of October always reminds me of a movie
A girl said – sometimes a whole life is lived in a day
Everything may change in a minute, seasons may come in months, but true love never grows old
October – feels like a cycle, move in a circle, the beginning also is the end
October – golden, green and red hues, gentle sunshine, wet leaves and love

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September by

Jonas Lindström

Jonas Lindström is a versatile Swedish photographer and creative director who is equally at home in the world of design as he is in the art and fashion scenes.

Since he founded his studio in 2002 the team has grown and now includes members equipped with the necessary set of skills and experience required to assist clients with images ranging from portraits to large scale scenographic concepts and moving images.

Jonas Lindström is working with all facets of the design spectrum – from furniture and glass to crafts, fashion and architecture. What his projects have in common is a level of ambition matching that of his clients.

The month of September is about letting go of summer and at the same time preparing for the cold months to come.

In nature hair grows thicker as all beings prepare for the cold. Hair, which for us humans is a symbol of time passing, a perpetual poem sprung from our bodies.

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August by

Bar Hommage

Bar Hommage, a modern neighbourhood bar – awarded cocktail bar of the year in Sweden both 2017 and 2018.

Morning becomes night, we grow older, seasons change. We shed our summer-skins, the nights gradually become longer/darker.

The end of summer, the beginning of fall. We return from summer houses and vacation, to the structure of work: to everyday life.

Mao feng – a white tea with notes of peach represents the summer we leave behind. Wormwood – a nod to bittersweet/somewhat bitter endings

From beginning to end, the joy of alcohol/aquavit that we start and end the Swedish summer with.


40 ml OP Anderson Klar
15 ml Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
5 ml Bäska Droppar
30 ml Mao Feng Syrup*
15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Shake all ingredients together and strain into a cocktail glass.

*5 gram Mao Feng Tea, cold steep in 500 ml of water for 45 mins, add 200 gram of sugar and stir until dissolved

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July by

Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez is a freelance set designer, based in stockholm. She works on the borderline between reality and illusion where the materials, shapes and hidden details are in great focus.

Regardless if it's a commercial or an editorial challenge, her work is all about creating that timeless image enhanced with her strong sense for light, shadows and composition. 

July, the warmest and the coldest month of the year depending on where you are in the world. Feelings, strong emotions, power, energy, love. RED. A symbolic color, that for me is associated with July. Where time is passing and time is coming.

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June by

Amina Horozić

Amina Horozić is an award-winning industrial designer, design strategist and a creative consultant. She specializes in design for luxury for both small and large-scale international clients. Her work spans across the industry sectors from automotive to consumer electronics, furniture, gallery installations and retail environments.

Amina approaches design of products with meticulous research in material capabilities and manufacturing processes. She often collaborates with specialty craftspeople on her projects, with a goal in creating heirloom objects that last longer than a season.

Half way,
Past, the future. 
Future, the past. 
Through the
present moment:

Pillars of months past
rising into the unknown:
Unshaped future.

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May by

Jon Holm

Stockholm based artist Jon Holm is one of Sweden's leading portrait painters. Holm is devoted to abstract painting under the name “Holstam”, an alter ego of both the artist and his artistry, an abstract character of flesh and blood.

Stylistically, Jon Holm is seen by many as a photorealist, an artist who chooses his motifs, materials and presentation along traditional (although by no means conventional) lines. This view of the artist reflects a conscious choice that Holm made early in his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, when he digressed from abstract conceptualism to concentrate on its roots in art history. He turned back the clock, in order to learn the craft of figurative painting on an advanced level.

Maius is the Greek name for the month of May, in Old Swedish also called the month of flowers.

May to me has always been a buzzing, fragrant and lush month with high expectations for the upcoming summer. A month with a special energy where people and flora blossom and wake up to life.

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April by

Matilda Beckman & Simon Wallin

Matilda Beckman and Simon Wallin are a Stockholm based work duo. Together they do set design for commercials, more experimental projects and commissions. Playing with the concept of ugliness, abnormal shapes and objects that are against the prevailing norm they are creating experimental graphics.


Mix together the carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, garlic and oil. Drain the noodles and cut them into 4 cm long pieces and add them to the mixture. Season with salt, ground black pepper, soy sauce and a pinch of sugar and gently beat the egg. Remove one spring roll sheet from the pile and place on the work surface. Spread 30 ml of filling in the middle. Fold over the sides and roll up. Fry spring rolls in hot oil for 4-5 minutes until golden brown. Dry on kitchen paper. If desired serve the spring rolls with soy sauce."

Matilda Beckman & Simon Wallin

Instagram: studiomatildabeckman

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March by

Andreas Strömquist

Andreas Strömquist is a Stockholm based audiovisual artist. He mostly uses analog media to create his work, whether it is audio or video production. As a co-founder of the collective Gruvfrun, he has been working with everything from commercials and music videos to motion geraphics, audiovisual livesets, video installations, projection mapping and live video at festivals and events from Kiruna to Malmö.

March, aka. the long wait for spring to arrive. A lot changes in this month, you really feel how the mornings are getting brighter and your days are getting longer.

In this work, I tried to get these changes of light and color that March brings us. An audiovisual journey from the dark, slowly evolving into light and colours. In both audio and video I wanted to give an abstract story, starting from industrial darkness into warm colors and singing birds.

Andreas Strömquist

Soundcloud: undermystiskaomstandigheter
Instagram: andreas.stromquist

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February by

Studio Reko

Studio Reko is a design studio based in Stockholm. With an ever-exploring eye on everything that is ‘visual culture’ the studio creates and art directs within the fields of graphic design, video, branding and digital with a minimal yet forceful expression.

One way of looking at time as a concept, which becomes evident in a month like February, is that it consists of waiting. Written fragments of waiting led us to a series of mental images that were then transferred to film.

Studio Reko

Instagram: studioreko

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January by

Daniel Carlsten

Daniel Carlsten is an independent art director and designer, assigned by a diverse and international group of people and brands. With his latest delight within illustrations we find this so encouraged to present him as the first creator of the Monthly Interpretation of 2018.

January is named after Janus, the Roman god of doors, choices, beginnings and endings. Often depicted with two faces, Janus looks both towards the future and the past, simultaneously, with one face looking back at the year departed, and the other face looking forward to the year ahead. Although he is usually portrayed with two male faces, I think it is about time we make the future female.

Daniel Carlsten

Instagram: daniel_carlsten